Sample Essay

In contrast the system of the United States completely abandons the Symbolic Inter-actionist perspective and also creates a culture where the rights of the hospitals and corporations are put above those of the individual patient. One instance is when a hospital removes one of its geriatric patients by force from its premises by putting her in a taxi and leaving her on a roadside in Los Angeles. This is done when it is revealed to them that she does not possess any insurance.

There are several other instances where the system could easily have met the needs of society according to its perspective but simply refused to because of the monetary requirements of the companies they served. This is chronicled in several instances in the film where individuals who required health coverage for life threatening conditions were denied due to pre-existing conditions, back door politics or simply company policies. In contrast the British Medical system is not only shown to treat a visiting American for free, they also provide him with the medications for his ailment. While speaking with Tony Benn, a labour politician and former Member of Parliament, Mr. Moore asked what would happen if the NHS was dismantled, If it was reformed to one closer in relation to the American system of health care. To this the gentleman replied it would result in a revolution (Moore, 2007).

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