Sample Essay

When we speak of digital divide it refers to not only the gap which exists to access digital and information technology but also the knowledge which is required to effectively use it. When we consider the debate of media consolidation and the implications of the digital divide, we can see how two arguments against such consolidation are formed.

The first argument is of course directly related to the characteristic of the internet, more specifically that it is an open platform that allows user generated content to be shared without the hindrance and censorship that is inherent in other media such as radio, newspapers and television. It is inevitable then that if the internet is brought under the ownership of a few corporations, it will be the objective of those corporations to distribute content according to what they believe is the preference of the average consumer. While this may be considered a habitual and normal societal practice by those who are not acclimated to the current age of information technology and thus will not protest against this action. Those individuals who are born in this age of freedom of information will inevitably revolt against this action and see it as an infringement of their rights as individuals.

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