Sample Essay

The first disappointing fact about the London Fair is the organizers themselves. Reed publishing though a highly reputable organizer serving a wide range of events worldwide does not truly endeavor to differentiate the atmosphere from any other fair it has done in the past few years. In fact there seem to be several analogues when compared to Book Expo American (BEA) 2008. It is even more disheartening to see that the BEA in 2009 seems to be a much more well put together event with an equal focus on general publishers as well as the public creating a much better rounded experience.

In terms of location, the decision of the organizers to remain at Earls Court was perhaps the wisest move of the entire exhibition. Not only does this location give this event its historical significance. It also provides a suitable site for many foreign and multinational businessmen a forum for exchange of ideas and all the facilities they may require. From doctors to dry cleaners all are present within walking distance as well as facilities for recreational activities such as nightclubs and bars.

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