Sample Essay

Research Objective

This paper seeks to use the broadening and deepening of security parameters as defined by discourses on human security to demonstrate the impact of child and maternal health of Sub-Saharan Africans on human security as it has direct implications in terms of quantity and quality. This paper will lay a ground work for discussing health, examining the definition of human security and how health in Sub-Saharan Africa is a human security issue. Moreover the role of the communities, governments and the developing world is analyzed. The researcher employs field research for the provision of the context for human security in Africa.

1.1    Research Questions

  • How the human security is related to health in Sub-Saharan Africa?
  • What are the factors that weaken the relationship?

1.2 Research Methodology

The research makes the use of secondary sources to explore the impact of child and maternal health of the Sub-Saharan Africans on human security. The secondary sources include books, journal articles, etc. Moreover the researcher uses the field research done on Ethiopia in order to make the interpretation of the relationship between health and human security in Africa clear.

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