Sample Essay

According to a report published in 2003, a significant number of teachers are choosing to exit their profession as a result of a recent decrease in the motivation that that they harbour towards teaching (Global Teachers Programme, 2003). The report supported the stance that teachers in the UK were developing a trend of switching from the teaching profession to alternate job options and that this trend was serving as a bit of a challenge to the UK education sector since statistics showed that teachers who qualified for their positions choose to leave their positions and their professions within a span that stretched no farther than that of three years.

We can concur from this recently established trend that there are certain aspects which clearly fail to fall within the brackets devised by Maslow are there are certain individuals who might be aiding others but might not be at the self-actualization level. In light of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we can establish therefore that the teachers in the UK are not experiencing satisfaction with regard to their needs. A verification of the existence of this phenomenon can be observed in the fact that it is not merely limited to the teachers in the UK but has also been established in the US.

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