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Essay: Distribution of Toyota Prius | Term Paper Queen

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Essay: As hybrid cars are a new phenomenon for this market so distribution would play a vital role when it comes to reach the customers. One way of doing this is as Toyota is a financially strong company, so it can compete with the other car manufacturers by offering competitive financing and lease rates. The importance of distribution becomes more vital due to the fact that when the product would be going to be launched a huge effort would be consumed in its marketing and promotional campaign.

These promotional campaigns would definitely focus the target audience. When this target audience would go into the market for the purchase of the product and they won’t find the product there it would end up in a great disappointment for the customers and all the marketing and promotional campaigns which were conducted by the company would end up in vain (Hage & Meeus, 2006).

During the course of the survey some of the respondents complained that one of the limitations of the hybrid car is that it is not readily available. It is understandable that because the market is new so many customers are getting attracted towards this new phenomenon. As now this problem has been identified through the primary data collection Toyota should put extra care and attention towards the distribution and try to eliminate this issue as soon as possible (Gutsa, 2009).

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