Sample Essay


The project will be well documented at all staged.  The project design would be documented in the form of a system documentation which would not only include its design, but also the working of its processes. Also, the Capricorn staff will be provided with a User Documentation as well which would provide them with information about the working of the system and how they can utilize the system to the maximum. In addition, the code will be supplemented by internal documentation, while external documentation will be used to define the architecture of the website.


In order to enable Capricorn’s IT staff to maintain and use the website, technical training will be imparted. In this regard, Capricorn will nominate their staff to be trained, which would then be trained in content management, user management as well as network management and hardware troubleshooting. Additional advance level service will be provided to Capricorn at an additional cost. For this purpose, a special help desk will be made available (Hoffer, George & Valacich, 2007).

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