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In short there are some dos and don’ts of having a healthy diet like keeping an eye on the eating habits, drinking plenty of water, regular exercise, having a positive mindset at the initial, healthy choice of food, don’t skip meals, don’t eat while working or watching TV etc.

Losing weight is all about changing attitude towards food, changing the eating habits requires change in the thinking process. Patience is the key in weight reduction; it won’t happen in a blink of an eye it requires time.

The psychology of eating:

Psychology has a very important aspect in controlling weight. It has emotional and psychological links to what we eat. Research has shown that the feeling of carving can easily be stimulated by feelings of nervousness, worry, frustration, anger; low self esteem etc and people use to eat in order to suppress these negative emotions. The reason why it’s prohibited to eat when under a negative emotion is because that at that time a person is undergoing some sort of a change in physical and mental pressure and the subconscious triggers to eat more to overcome that pressure. Psychologist suggests that a person should eat only because of felling hungry physically, and not because of some kind of a external or internal pressure.

While in the process of weight reduction some of the subconscious habits that have been developed over the time need to be eliminated. Like for instance not to have a full diet at one time, try having smaller servings at each meal. After having the first meal if I still felt hunger I have a little more this is because of the reason that psychologist says that it takes the stomach almost 20 minutes to give the signal to the brain that its full. What happens is that before these 20 minutes we again eat a bit that causes overeating which results in weight increase (Empower Foods, 2009).

Battle for the Buffett:

Another psychological reason that I found out which causes weight increase is easy access of food. The growing trend of eating out has also caused a major shift in the increment of weight. The buffet dinners, up size deals at the fast foods have made it quite easy to gain weight at practically no time. Snacks and fast food is evolving very quickly in our society and it has a big impact in the weight increase (Latvala, 2009).

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