Sample Essay

Although vampires purport to either be born with vampiric symptoms, such as aversion to sunlight and the need for blood or are turned into one by their peers, Benecke found that their behavior could be linked to very common psychological symptoms . These symptoms include depression and the need for self-expression and empowerment. He even found that even though the culture may seem extreme to an outsider. The familial structure along with their customs and behavior all can be categorized within groups of psychological behavior (Russo, 2005).

One group of individuals who have actively lobbied against the mass appeal of vampirism is Christianity. Within the church there are several factions who though believing in different reasons for its mass popularity see the subculture as engagement in a blasphemous act. According to Reverend Brian Abshire, the primary charm of the modern vampire lies in its ability to offer individuals the promise of power. The original version of Dracula was portrayed as a curse which was only lifted by the power of Christianity, while the newer version scoffs at such ideas and embodies the characteristics of having power over those lesser than themselves, effectively making them as Gods unto men (Abshire, 2009).

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