Sample Essay

As mentioned before it is an individual’s right to have a personal area in the workspace that his employer cannot trespass. However, if the person in question is responsible for lives other than his own. If he has an occupation such being a pilot or a driver which places other people at risk. Than it is his supervisors’ right to ensure that the safety of those individuals is maintained. The right to privacy does not apply in this case.


I believe that reasons against drug testing in a work environment are far more viable then those in favor. I personally think that no matter which occupation, the individual privacy of an employee should be respected above all else if the employer wishes to have a long and profitable relationship. Drug testing may help the organization in the short term and logically should increase productivity. However, the psychological health of an employee in a company is much more integral to its success than his physical well being. Long term trust between the two necessitates the existence of a stable, safe and fair work environment.

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