Sample Essay

Acute attacks warrant the use of medications at the time of the attack. Drugs such as analgesics and non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) have been shown to be effective. Other drugs such as ergot derivatives and triptans are also effective. Side effects can range from tingling to flushing to a feeling of warmth in the chest, limbs, head and hands. Though triptans are more effective than ergots they are also associated with cardiovascular risk factors (Goadsby, Lipton, & Ferrari, Migraine – Current Understanding and Treatment, 2002 ).

Studies have shown that pregnancy improves the incidence of migraines in 60 to 70% of women, while in 4 to 8% the severity increases. However, the treatment options for these women are limited to acetaminophen, codeine and antiemetic with NSAIDS being added in the third trimester (Graves, 2006).

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