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Essay: DSL Technology | Term Paper Queen

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Essay: Information Technology has revolutionized the way people live their lives. One of the revolutionary inventions that Information Technology has brought us is the Internet. Today, Internet has developed into an important source of information and entertainment as well as a point of connectivity but the technology that have been used to access it have also been enhanced (Levine, Young and Baroudi). The Internet connectivity speeds that were limited to only few hundred bytes per second a decade or so ago, have now moved into megabytes per second range while its service charges have gone only lower.

One of the examples of such Internet connectivity solution is Digital Subscriber Line (DSL). DSL offers very high speed connectivity to the Internet which allows its user to access the information they want quickly. DSL also makes it possible for its users to view and share multimedia contents that were large in size and were impossible to share on low speed connections. Furthermore, DSL is cheap, hence making it possible for more people to hop onto the Internet band wagon (Golden, Dedieu and Jackobsen).  This paper takes a look at the DSL technology and explores how it is being used for Internet connectivity.

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