Sample Essay

Through it all he manages to keep up his internal conflict with his father. Though the author continuously be rides his father for his outlook on life. You can still tell that behind all the complaining and the whining that the author eventually degenerates to. Ranting about the acceptance of death and dying with dignity. The author still has a lot of love for his father. It seems that he simply cannot see the importance of his own existence.

The book itself is written in a style that feels like a personal letter to the reader. Despite the extensive referencing required for giving credence to his facts and figures. The tone and form of the book is written in such a way that the reader will not feel the heaviness of the facts before him or the tone of authority that normally exists in books like these. The language form that this book contains does not look beyond the surface of the issues that the author takes up. And many times he does not need to. The book flows with such an undeniable energy which connects the past, present of his life together.

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