Sample Essay

While I understand his basic metaphor and scenario wise even agree with the author’s contention I cannot agree with some of his viewpoints. The author’s primary contention that the main downfall of nations is their exponential population growth is not only misrepresented but is by example false. China and India are two main examples of countries with over a billion people whose economic tides have seen numerous improvements over the past few years and have grown their economies by leaps and bounds (Economy Watch) (Economy Watch).

One may argue that the increase in population allows both nations to have a limitless supply of labor for their industries. While the United States despite being the world’s largest economy has been experiencing a significant drop in its GDP growth (Economy Watch). This along with a U.S federal debt which has proven to be the largest in world begs the question, if the situation were reversed and the poor nations were in possession of a lifeboat. Should they abandon the rich nations knowing the ethics they would employ in this case?

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