Sample Essay

This is the high time to take some steps to get over with what we are suffering from, an economic recession, which is spoiling the economy highly. Some of the causes were obvious in Cyndia’s article that the root includes the misbalance in maintaining the money supply, forfeiting of the interests, and price raises at the same time. Cyndia tried to show that this could be dealt by supplying good amount of money in market, but when the world is wholly being anguished by the situation, who would provide the capital?

This was the reason California was borrowing a big amount of money but from 19 different states. The main cause was the continued decrease in gross domestic product growth. People tried to avoid this by chopping down their extra expenditures which gives an open way to inflation, low standard of living, and unemployment. The economic scenario can identify the upcoming hazards in a number of quarters ( 2009).

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