Sample Essay

China is one of the largest exporters of products and services in the world. The country is a communist state with the highest population in the world which provides one of the cheapest labor costs in the world. The political system of China is quite stable with a single most powerful political party in the government with very low opposition in government decision making. The economy of China is one of the fastest growing economies in the world with significant growth rate in the GDP.

The economy of the country is based mainly on agriculture and export of raw material and manufactured goods to various countries. The cost of doing business in China is one of the lowest in the world which provides a competitive edge to the country in terms of international trade as the country can export products at very low rates. Electro-Light will also import material from China due to availability of lower rates and easy accessibility. The social environment of the country is quite stable as the country is mainly based on the community system. On the legal front the country provides various tax benefits to countries working in China and exporting goods to other countries. An implication in the legal system for international companies is that the legal system mainly supports the citizens of China in various matters. The administration of the country invests heavily in research and development in various areas of technology such as innovations in the field of agriculture, manufacturing and services sectors.

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