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Essay: As everyone knows America is a land of immigrants who fly from different parts of the world to either work here or settle their life in this new territory. The definition of illegal immigrant has a very wide spectrum. They also include those people who enter legally but for some reason or the other they fail to renew their visas and hence they also come under the same heading. The immigration was initially good for America but these new waves of immigration is creating big time problem for the host nation (Mclndoe, 2005).

Jack martin the director of special projects and Policy for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, in an interview said that at an average there are 20-22 million illegal aliens who are living in the country and the numbers keep on increasing every passing day (Mclndoe, 2005).

There are many different reasons why these illegal immigrants are creating such a big problem for the American society. The problems authorities are facing are in the mammoth competition in the job market, disheartened wages, economic impact on the state etc. these are some of the issues that are causing problems. On the larger scale the home economy is impacted because of the earnings that are sent out of the country by the immigrants as remissions. The hospitals and health care institutes are swamped up by these illegal immigrants who need serious treatment but they neither have insurances nor the capacity to pay the bills. These are some of the issues that the society is going through and based on this we will discuss in detail the effects illegal immigrants have on the American society (Pew Research, 2006).

The tern illegal immigrants are used for such person who enters a nation unlawfully for temporally or permanent basis or they are remaining in the country illegally. It has an adverse affect on the society and the major sections that are haunted by this act are the federal, state, local bodies, health care institutions and the education system. The primary purpose for migration is to get a job in the American work place (Tapinos, 2009). The effect of this illegal immigration is that these jobs are for the legal Americans who secure their citizenship by coming through a systematic immigration process, but with the advent of these illegal immigrants the competition increases as the numbers of jobs are limited and the candidates are unlimited. According to Dr. Donald Huddle who is an economist at the Rice University almost 800,000 legal Americans get suffered by the introduction of these illegal immigrants and the estimated cost related to this issue is about $4.3 billion per year. This condition gives rise to the unemployment level and directly affects the working conditions of the workplace (Erbe, 2007).

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