Sample Essay

The word duress implies the use of coercion to make the others succumb to one’s own ideals or manner of living. Toth reflects on how society can be formed or reformed under duress. Toth ‘humanizes the mole people and dismisses the fantasy that they are animal-like cave dwellers, the freakish and horrible images conjured up by the term “mole people” are exactly the same sort of morally laden images that are essential for animal constructs to serve as effective instruments of social control’ (Arluke & Sanders, 1996, p.178).

For  example, Toth tells about the children who reach the adulthood in their early childhood years because of the harsh reality they have to face. In addition the author tells about the individuals who come to constitute gangs to assail the others and obtain benefits (Toth, 1993). Some individuals have to spend their days in the search for food only that is a sad aspect of the society (Toth, 1993). The ‘mysterious population’ that is forced to live in the ‘darkest depths of these Labirynthine tunnels that now communicates solely  in cries and grunts’ is the consequence of duress (Maffi, 2004, p.33). Toth meets mayors as well, one is like the addicted mole people, but the other represents the good type that exists along the bestial population (Toth, 1993). Toth is warned by the people as to ‘leave, little lost angel, before the tunnels swallow you and you are one of mine’ (Toth, 1993).

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