Sample Essay

According the ZiffDavisMedia, BaselineMag website serves a guide to management and costing of the deployment of system which are at the leading edge of the technology. The purpose of the website is to provide senior IT and corporate management professionals with a detailed look at how IT solutions are deployed by some of the leading companies. For this purpose, BaselineMag website provides in-depth analysis, business case dissections and details of the business strategies and goals of specific technology implementations. The website maintains multiple sections which serve to categories information based on their field of application (BaselineMag, 2010).

The website seems to contain overwhelming amount of information which cater to various aspects of deployment of information systems in a business organization. The homepage of the website has been divided into different sections which include news, featured content, research, blogs/opinions as well as a number of sponsored links and advertisement banners which gives the website a filled-up look. Despite, the presence of many items on a single page, the page does not looks cluttered as each section appears as separate with white background acting as a boundary between different section. The advertisement banner on the website feature products from Information Technology and Information Systems companies which are targeted at senior and business IT professionals or primarily at the readers of the website (BaselineMag, 2010). The site seems to not only provide information on the business related issues of the deployment of information systems, but also on the technical aspect. The website provides information through a number of sources which include news, webcasts, whitepapers and articles from industry professionals. What’s most appealing about this website is the ease with which the information can be located. The website does not just rely on words to inform its visitors, but also makes use of multimedia to do that as well. BaselineMag website is also connected to its sister website which open up a totally new dimension of information for business IT professionals when visited. The links that were followed during the visit to the website included links to IT management section, business intelligence section as well as project section which provided in-depth knowledge of a number of leading edge information and communication technologies (BaselineMag Website, 2010).

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