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In another paper, written by Betts, Malhi and Roberts, that appeared in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, the authors argued that global warming was having adverse affect on the Amazonian rain forest and in the future the Amazon might cease to exist as a dense rainforest which covers a large area due to factors such as droughts and shortage of rain. This paper presents the findings of IPCC as a proof which predicted that the increasing global warming would lead to 50-70% reduction in dry season rainfall in the Amazonian region. The paper also associates problems such as lack of carbon stock stored by the trees with the global rise in temperature.

Having appeared as a transaction of the Royal Society the authenticity of the paper cannot be challenged. However, while blaming global warming to the destruction of Amazon rain forests, the author clearly mention that the biggest problem to Amazon was actually its massive deforestation. Furthermore, the authors of the article also mention that the models used for the prediction of the effects of global warming did not take into account all the factors present in the environment. Furthermore, the major cause of global warming is the increase in the CO2 levels in the environment, however, the enrichment of air with CO2 leads to direct fertilization of photosynthesis by CO2 which contributes positively to the Amazon (Betts, Malhi and Roberts).

Global Warming is causing significant and anomalous climate change in the environment which is having tremendous effect globally, particular on Amazon. Those who are against this argument counter by mentioning the presence of natural phenomenon that repeat after particular intervals and that contribution of human activities to rise in temperature is nothing as compared to the change which occurs naturally. Though these counter arguments cannot be denied, it is important to recognize the significance of Global Warming and its effects. Global warming is arecognized threat and contributes toward making the effect of naturally occurring phenomenon worse. The Amazon rain forest is also facing a significant threat due to global warming. Though Betts, Malhi and RobertsĀ  have mentioned in their paper that deforestation is currently the biggest threat for Amazon rainforest, Morengo, Nobre and Tomasella have already held global warming responsible for causing droughts in the region , especially in 2005 which led to massive devastation. It is also predicted that global warming is set to get worse and would gravely threaten the existence of Amazon (Casper).

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