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However, in a research conducted at Western Washington University on Pacific Ocean it was found that the oceans globally also follow and warm-and-cool cycle and that in the recent year Pacific Ocean has begun to cool down. This finding points to the hole in the argument presented by Dr. Julie in book where she hold global warming responsible for the rise in temperature of the ocean. Furthermore, it is also argued that the natural changes occur on a massive scale while the human activities that have started to occurred since last century of so. Furthermore, efforts have been long underway to control the emissions from industries and other sources of pollution; hence it would be wrong to hold human activities as totally accountable for the warming of earth atmosphere as the changes caused by pollution would be nothing when compared to the scale on which changes to the environment occur naturally (Casper).

Included in those who argue against the effects of global warming is Dr. Daniel Botkins, who is the president of the Centre for the Study of Environment and professor emeritus at University of California. In his article “Global Warming Delusions” printed in the Wall Street Journal, Dr Botkins argue that the IPCC report presented in 2007 blows the affects of global warming out of proportions.  He mentions that the IPCC reports mentions that the global warming will lead to the extinction of millions of species on earth, however, he argues that in a similar cycle that occurred on earth about 5000 to 10000 years ago, only a few plants became extinct. He further expresses his scepticism on the threat that global warming will lead to increase in the spread of diseases countering it with the findings of research at Oxford University that concluded that there was no correlation between frequency of diseases and temperature changes. He further questions the accuracy of climate models that are used to predict global warming arguing that these models were crude representation of the natural processes. However, in his own article, Dr Botkins does agree that global warming is a reality that is occurring and increasing in intensity, raising doubt in the mind of the reader about the purpose of the article (Botkin).

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