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The third effect of immigration is the absence of provision of the basic requirements of living hood by the government of foreign land where the immigrants decide or wish to stay. In some countries, not all, the immigrants are subsided to the extent that they are denied the basic facilities of food and shelter at the basis of certain laws of a country.

Not only this but also the immigrants face persecution at the hands of the law enforcement forces which deal with them with a hard hand. The immigrants, as a result, are downgraded below the standard of a human being without adequate provision of food, shelter, clothing, etc. Foulkes, for example, reports ‘Calais misery’ faced by the Afghan boys as the authorities in France have taken drastic steps to supplement the miseries of the poor Afghan boys. The French authorities have not only closed ‘jungle’, an unofficial migrants’ camp, but also determines to ‘prevent any more such camps springing up’ which implies the prevention of the supply of food and shelter and the removal of the migrants by police (Foulkes, 2003). In certain countries the not only migrants but also the helpers of the migrants are persecuted. Foulkes reports of the introduction of the ‘crime of solidarity’ in France according to which those(among local population) who determine to help migrants could be persecuted  (Foulkes, 2003).

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