Sample Essay

Statement of the problem

The enormous changes which have occurred in the United States for the past 50 years have been inexplicably tied to the advancement of technology and its integration into our society. Modern culture has evolved with it creating a society where such conveniences are no longer luxuries but rather necessities. And the demographic that has been most affected by these choices are children.

Children have been the main target of consumerism for so many years now that it has become an industry in and of itself. According to the FTC advertising towards children now profits manufacturers upwards of 200 billion dollars annually. Whether it be snacks, or toys or video games advertising towards children has now become a science which is exploited everyday in our society.

As with anything the use of this technology has its own medical, social and religious drawbacks. However one of the most chronic problems facing American society today is one of childhood obesity. The impact of this problem is far reaching and opens up children to several psychological and medical issues which can have far reaching consequences even into adulthood. This proposal will attempt to show the link between these two factors and how health care providers can aid and prevent such issues from occurring.

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