Sample Essay

Millions of people, mostly Europeans immigrated to the US during the period of World War II and with them they brought different cultures, values and beliefs and these have had an impact on society. For example, there were many Jewish immigrants to the US during that time and it is common knowledge of how the Jews have affected American society (Richman, 2009).

Due to the WW II there was a Cold War for more than 4 decades between the US and the Soviets which may have led to an actual war, maybe even a nuclear war. This caused an arms race and haste to build more and more weapons, bombs and missiles.

To acquire more resources and technological advantages, there has been a race to be the first to go into space. Many billions of tax payer dollars have sunk into the NASA budget as a consequence. Part of this has also affected the education system, and as population increased education was standardized so that more and more students could enroll. Also, population growth resulted in more investments in houses and small businesses and many suburbs grew in the outskirts of the city. The contemporary “organization” was formed as the hierarchy structure was adopted from the military command structure. With this, newer economic activity and money was created (Encyclopedia Britannica, 2009).

During WW II, baseball was the most popular sport preferred by the army and after WW II, the 50/20 club was formed to mark high scoring players.

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