Sample Essay

Another aspect that makes Zuckerman different from Lonoff is his attempt to escape the ethnic demands made on him by his family, faith and his beloved as he loses his beloved as he betrays her, he loses the favor of his family after he writes a story against Jews. On the other hand Lonoff tries to drag his relationship with his wife although he realizes that it had been expired. He refuses to betray his wife and rejects Amy’s pleadings.

Philip Roth through the portrayal of his writers show how the writers are burdened with their responsibilities towards their family, love and community. Roth presents the portrayal of two authors, who are poles apart in terms of their kinship with the act of writing and also with their family, in order to emphasize the fact that a writer has to face overbearing responsibilities which he finds difficult to escape. The net of responsibilities include demands to be fulfilled as those made by the society, ethics, family and religion. A writer needs artistic freedom tohelp blossom his creativity as Zuckerman shatters the shackles of demands made on him.

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