Sample Essay

The second way people establish a love of things is when they attach human attributes or emotions to the object of affection. Sometimes people tend to value the things that were given to them more than the people who gave it to them. For example: When your mother gives you her ring to give to your wife on your wedding day you love the object because you love your mother.

Any other ring would have sufficed but you love or value this ring much more because it was from someone you love. Sometimes, in the long run, this love transfers from the referent being to the actual object. Once your mother dies you look back at the ring as a token of her love that you have now entrusted your wife with. One day your wife loses this ring and when you find out you are hurt and heartbroken. Your wife tries to console you after you both look for it for hours and it is still nowhere to be found. Amidst this emotional hoopla you feel a pang of anger because you have now lost the one thing that represented your mother’s love that you entrusted your wife with. You get angry and yell at her to the point where you make her cry. At this point your love of the referent has passed onto the thing. You give her an ultimatum and tell her to find it on two days or off with her head. Over the years you end up loving the thing more than the person wearing it.

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