Sample Essay

  • · Capable Employees. With the training programs mentioned earlier and other such means, Etihad Air lines is developing a very skilled base of employees that provide the company with a very useful and important source of competitive advantage.

  • · Large fleet and still growing. As mentioned earlier, Etihad Air line has been purchasing many carriers and growing at a fast rate. They have the staff and the resources to bear this growth.

Etihad has very few weaknesses in my opinion. They are listed below:

  • · Lack of experience as compared to competitors. As it is a new company, it does not yet know the complete tricks of the trade. But this is a source of growth and improvement and more of an opportunity if utilized effectively.
  • · Small customer base. Due to the fact that Etihad Air line is in its infancy, it has not yet developed a strong enough customer base. Many flights are barely occupied (Randhawa, 2009).

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