Sample Essay

Essay: Given Friedman’s extensive field work and his numerous firsthand knowledge of the economic intricacies of different countries such as Israel, Beirut, and now India, coupled with his increasingly profound ideologies on globalization, he can easily be dubbed the ideal man to prepare a report on outsourcing and its benefits. As the world gets smaller and effectively globalized and corporations increasingly resort to cost cutting measures, outsourcing plays a central role in achieving that aim, with countries like Philippine and India taking centre stage.

Friedman with his fact based theories endorses globalization and tries to show in this documentary how Americans should continue this outsourcing trend to cut costs and remain competitive. However, his inclination towards globalization does not come at a cost of sacrificing tradition as he urges a need to maintain the cultural values that form a country’s identity. This film also addresses a need to benefit the society as a whole so that globalization is not only for the rich in urban areas, but also for the poor in rural areas. All this in light of facts make this documentary particularly enlightening.

Summary of Documentary

This documentary depicts the inner workings of the outsourcing business in India. The renowned author Thomas Friedman visits a call centre in Bangalore and showcases qualified Indian youngsters ready and able to work for a nominal salary which by American standards is pocket change. It takes you through a tour of the booming Indian IT sector, reviewing local mindsets regarding globalization at the hands of the RSS, various NGOs and the poor. Friedman is just as concerned about losing American jobs as the average American but realizes that outsourcing is necessary and discusses its effects in light of the traditional/cultural integrity of India, which, according to his viewpoints, should remain intact if the concept of globalization is to succeed there.

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