Sample Essay

The evaluation design will be created around the concept of a cross-sectional study. A cross sectional study is one in which two different sub sets of the same population can be surveyed to determine the outcome of interest. A survey questionnaire will be designed in order to ascertain whether the research hypothesis is conclusive.

In order to facilitate the research the questionnaire will be divided into three portions focusing on biographic, demographic and research oriented questions. The survey questionnaire will serve as a primary source and the literature review will provide a secondary source. There will be a pre-test proposed in regards to the research questionnaire, which will allow the survey to focus on American citizens who have been living in the United States for the past 15 years. In order to attain pretest conditions biographic and demographic data will be employed and individuals who do not meet the criteria will be excluded. The objective of the survey will ask the research questions and attempt to elicit a direct answer on the part of the respondent. Each population sample chosen will have their results considered separately rather than as a whole. Due to the inherently limited nature of the study chosen, this process will be repeated several times over until valid statistical data can be extracted and a conclusive result can be reached.

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