Sample Essay

Evaluations will be carried out in order to verify if the information system are contributing effectively to the goals of ClubIT. This evaluation can be carried out by the users of information system, and will be compiled as review on weekly basis. Short term goals of ClubIT can be divided into departmental objectives and key performance indicators set, which can b monitored and evaluated by department heads on a monthly basis. Long term goals can be evaluated by Rubens and Lisa on either half yearly or yearly basis.

This evaluation would analyze the performance and processes of each department would be looked at to ensure the club is heading in the right direction and to look for further improvements. For this purpose, Executive Dashboard will be used. The Executive Dashboard allows for the display of current status of the key performance indicators, set by executives, as well as their trend. One of its important features is that it allows the user to drill down to the minutest detail behind the information that is viewed. It also allows executive to set exceptions which are useful in pointing out which areas of the business and which products are not doing well (Stephen, 2006).

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