Sample Essay

As a student, I am required to work on a lot of projects and assignments. Many of those assignments are supposed to be accomplished in a group environment. The group generally includes around four or five people. When an assignment comes up, the team members gather around in a room or a private place and discuss the various options at their disposal of how to go about the process of accomplishing the work at hand.

Normally, the group members gather in a casual sort of setting and divide the different portions of the assignment among themselves and one person is responsible for accumulating all the data and doing the proofing and editing of the assignment.

However, it is often the case that a few of the group members are more vocal and outspoken than others. They are the ones who outmuscle the more timid members of the group and select the easier portions of the assignment for themselves. I have noticed that this creates a lot of resentment among the reserved members of the group, who then sometimes tend to underperform purely out of spite. When the appointed leader of the group, I have made it a point to hear what everyone has to say and what each is comfortable with doing. If a conflict arises, such as if two or more people want to do the same part, we use the simple procedure of flipping a coin. This prevents bad feelings and comments when backs are turned.

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