Sample Essay

The evaluation of the website usability was performed through users. The selected group for this evaluation consisted of 5 participants who were chosen at random. Each user was given task to located two individual items (spare parts) on the website. Each participant was then given a survey questionnaire to fill.

The results of the survey showed that website was very weak from the aspect of navigation, efficiency and effectiveness. All users reported that they encountered either non-functional pages or dead links. Furthermore users also reported that they found it difficult to navigate through the website as they did not know how to switch from browsing one category to another. 20% percent of the participants were of the opinion that the site was satisfactory in terms of its readability, while it was also reported that site contained old information. The information present on the website was also deemed as difficult to understand while the users also were unable to determine their location in the site map. The survey also reported that all pages of the websites that were opening used totally different layout of buttons which made the site difficult to learn, while also contributing toward the time taken to browse a particular website. Many of the users were unable to view pages as they required a plug-in which could not be located. However, the website was quick to load and the users were also able to differentiate between visited and non-visited links which helped them in browsing the website.

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