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Essay: Existence of Stereotypes | Term Paper Queen

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The second reason provided by Steele argues that the connection these students create to their personal environment is essential to their success. The existence of stereotypes gets in the way of such success and interferes with any self-motivational factors which may aid the student in self-expansion and success (Steele, 1997 p.163). According to the author the threat of stereotyping does not work according to cause and effect, rather it is the psychological fear of being labeled that makes students fear acknowledging themselves (Steele, 1997 p.164). It is difficult then to gauge the extent and the effect of the stereotype since it can occur in any given situation at any level of intensity to the individual (Steele, 1997 p.170). Given its debilitating nature it can also be understood why overcoming them is equally important as well as being improbable in most cases (Steele, 1997 p.171).

The final reason provided by Rist shows how the actions by teachers at kindergarten level can result in a widening gap in social variability when it comes to ethnic groups (Rist, 1970 p.179). The author believes that when teachers divide the students into categories on an intellectual basis and then treat them differently according to the limits of their capabilities (Rist, 1970 p.179).

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