Sample Essay

The profession for women by Virginia Wolf is a major highlight in the perspective as it points out the experiences of a woman in the profession of literature. She explains how she is content about receiving compensation for writing in different forms such as book reviews and novels. She also expresses how her being a woman poses barriers in her work.  She explains how women experience lesser freedom as writers than male writers who enjoy a great deal of freedom and expressionism while excessive use of freedom by female writers is condemned by male writers which causes women to remain on the defensive and not let their minds wander (Wolf, 1931).

The article reiterates the fact that innate gender differences do exist and affect the professional lives to a very large extent either due to personal perception and beliefs or due to pressure from the opposing sex. The last article highlights how feminists criticize a fellow feminist on remarks and comments which differ from established norms and oppose the very core of feminist values. The author gives an example of a review she wrote and the harsh criticism by members of the fellow gender. She explains how a false ideology is presented against her interpretation and women blindly accept this ideology based on their innate feminist (Sommers, 2006).

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