Sample Essay

The narrator ties emotion to much of the experiences of his childhood and makes it clear when he moves to his new home that even though he found Brisbane completely drab, he still found it to be the only home he had. It is only when his father dies and the man has to sort out his affairs that he realizes the complex individual that lay underneath who was so much like himself. During his lifetime many of the proper customs adopted in families in Australia kept him from truly knowing who is father was.

However, when he goes through his father’s things the narrator personally and spiritually crosses a boundary maturing into the man that he needs to be. Not only does he find the greater complexities to his father that he never realized. His perspective about his childhood friend and his city evolve as well as he finds things about his friend that he never knew and comes to see Brisbane in a way that he had not before. In essence through the myriad emotional journey that he goes through discovering all the missing pieces of his past allows him to grow into a person who has a greater understanding of himself and the environment around him.

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