Sample Essay

Essay: While looking for new antivirus software, my concern was not limited to viruses only. Spyware/Adware are software which when installed on a system, collect information about the usage of the system and send it to third party without the knowledge of the user (Kroeker, 2004). I remember my experiences with adware as well. Once, I was made to click on the link which opened up an unknown website and installed software on my PC without my permission. From that point, I was unable to browse the Internet at all, as my browser kept on opening an adware page. It took 5 adware software and a number of PC restarts to get my browser working again.


I have had several experiences with malware, including viruses and spyware. Though I didn’t notice spyware until they were detected by my scanning software, the most traumatic experience I had with a virus was when I totally wiped out all data on my computer. This was when I didn’t use to give my importance to the threat of viruses and did not have anti-virus installed on my system. From that day, I realized how horrible viruses can be and have always protected my computer with good antivirus software.  The consequences of not protecting a computer from malware should be realized by everyone. An effective way of communicating this is through examples, like the one I have presented in this coursework.

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