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Essay: Exploitation and Manipulation of the Immigrants | Term Paper Queen

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The second effect of immigration is the exploitation and manipulation of the immigrants at the hands of the smugglers. As the young boys commence their journey in hope of a better tomorrow they are vulnerable at the hands of the exploiters who misguide them in order to make money through ill means. The young immigrants especially the Afghan boys are told by the smugglers that a certain country would offer them the facilities and would make their dreams come true in lieu of the country they are currently staying.

The reason of the vulnerability of Afghan boys greater than other immigrants is that they ‘often stay just a few weeks’, says a social worker Paolo Sola, ‘they want to continue their journey’ to the U.K or Scandinavia. Some hear that ‘schools in Norway were good’ or the existence of Afghan community in Britain, and various other reasons which make them take decision to continue their journey yet further. In Greece, says Laura Boldrini of the U.N refugee agency, the Afghan immigrants are ‘told it is better in Italy, in Italy they are told it is better in France, and so on. In the end it is the smugglers who make money out of this’ (Foulkes, 2003).

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