Sample Essay

Facebook provides a platform to its users which allow them to collaborate with each other through sharing of knowledge and resources in real-time. Though mostly treated as a social networking tool or a place which can be used to relax, Facebook is also often used by businesses, which not only promote their business on the website, but also use it as a broadcasting tool for many of the company wide announcement. It also serves as place where the employees and management can link together in a more informal way and discuss various activities and problem with each other (Chella).

However, the active use of Facebook by the employees also has had negative effect for businesses. By allowing the use of Facebook, the companies not only notice the reduction in the productivity of the businesses but also record an overall reduction in their service availability. The ability of the Facebook to connect with people from around the world is a very interesting feature which could keep the user busy in interaction with people on his or her profile for hours. Furthermore, the connectivity to people from even outside the network, could potentially allow a disgruntled employee to transfer company’s confidential information to the outside world, hence compromising company’s position. In addition the use of multimedia by the employee on the Facebook also wastes a significant amount of network bandwidth which is always a precious resource.

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