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There may be various factors that could cause obesity but if we summarize it all, probably there would be two major factors that would stand apart from the rest. Those two most important factors are low quality diet and lack of physical activity. Both of them would come under the single heading of poor life style as both of them are directly related to our lifestyle or in other words the way we live or the way in which we pass our day. This poorly conducted life style has become the major reason of obesity and it’s creating huge problems for the American society (Schurman, 2009).

Apart from genetically acquired disposition towards obesity, poor life style is the main cause of obesity. Today in America the average American is not taking the necessary healthy food supply which is required for a normal human being. Freshly produced fiber, minerals, fruits, grains, and protein enriched diets have been replaced by oily hamburgers and pizzas. As these foods are processed and contains high level of fat they become the single most important factor leading to obesity. Regular consumption of food containing high amount of calories like baked items, snacks, and fast food contribute to weight gain. Also the increase increasing expenditure of soft drinks and, candies, desserts and beverages all make way for obesity.

Similar to that the comfortable lifestyle that every American dreams to have is a life that is very relaxing and sedentary. A recent survey showed that Americans have become more inactive and enjoys having a sitting life with minimal use of body movement. A very simple example can be given from the daily lives that instead of walking towards the general store now we drive to the store. Physical activity and sports are thought obsolete now and its place is taken by the modern gaming system like the PS, X-box, and Gameboy etc. Instead of moving to the switch board to turn of the light we can clap to make it off. All these might look very trouble-free and simple but their impact in the future is very damaging. How this could be damaging could be easily understood by the fact that lack of physical activity would result in picking up more calories and burning very few of them which would eventually create an imbalance in weight leading towards obesity (Choose Fitness, 2009).

Battle for the buffet:

As written before poor life style is the single most important factor causing obesity. Unfortunately we live in a world that is filled up with fast food restaurants showering us with different kinds of deals followed with huge marketing and ads campaigns that are indulging the people to eat more and more and promoting the customer to supersizing everything.

It’s a known secret that most of these fast food restaurants use artificial chemical flavors to enhance the appetite of the meal. These chemicals encourage the person to consume more and more even though the person would be feeling filled up. It’s also very much known that the ingredients that are used in producing such foods contains chemical preservatives with very much lack of nutrition which result in obesity (Royse, 2008).

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