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It is also taken into account that there are several factors which can affect the current status of a cold case. With the passage of time there is a greater opportunity for evidence to go missing or degrade in the process. Law enforcement agencies may have changed locations facilitating such factors. Witnesses or lead investigators may have passed or relocated at the time of the investigation. Additionally, budget and manpower may also cause evidence to be lost. All of these factors become essential when you consider that these cases may span back nearly 20 to 30 years (Walton).

The investigation of a cold case is primarily a cerebral analysis rather than an instinctual one thus requiring personnel who have an aptitude for these kinds of cases. Such cases require tedious collection of evidence and witnesses which are catered toward the case made by the prosecution. Change in relationship between perpetrators and witnesses and aspects of DNA profiling are the major factors which can play into the success of failure of cold cases. However, time is not always on the investigators side as the case may be so old the suspect may be already deceased by the time the case is solved (Walton).

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