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The study concludes that though patients gained high marks on their theoretical understanding of the data taught they showed no effective efforts to integrate such theoretical knowledge into their life framework. Thus, it concluded that there was no relation between receiving knowledge regarding diabetes and compliance with treatment regimen. For example even though most of the patients showed remarkable retention of the theoretical knowledge on hypoglycemia and only 50% of them experienced the symptoms. 35% of the sample subjects constituted the total number of people who brought sugar with them.

Without the availability of data regarding reasons for failure of compliance it can only suppositions can be made regarding the repercussions for nursing practice. If the conclusions are taken at face value, however, failure of diabetic education will result in a much greater burden on nurses in the form of palliative care for diabetic patients.

The researchers consist of a ward manager in the department of medicine at Tuen Mun Hospital in Hong Kong and an assistant professor in the department of nursing at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

In my perspective the study though providing sufficient reasoning for its proposal is far too limited in its scope and sample to truly be affective. A long term study to gauge the effect of continuous diabetic education would be far more valuable in assessing its success and failure rate. Though the study does establish a problem with the system regarding the effectiveness of this program, it does not provide enough data to concoct an effective solution to it.

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