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The cold war that commenced as soon as the Second World War came to an end lasted until the collapse of the former USSR while continuing for over a century. The major failure of the UN during the cold war in handling the peacekeeping process resulted in the war in Bosnia as a consequence of the adopting of ‘a policy of endless appeasement’ although the UN must go for using action against the ‘Serb spoilers’[1].

It was in 1995 when the UN forces were present in Bosnia but the Serbs were encouraged to devastate the peace of Bosnia and the UN showed weakness by not responding back with the equal potency and the result was the enormous deaths of the innocent civilians which were the failure of the UN. The UN failed to ‘extinguish the flame of war’ and it had betrayed the aim for which it was designed[2].

The difference in the cold war years and post cold war years was that during the years of cold war the operations and missions to maintain peace were lesser in number while after the cold war there were immense and complicated operations to keep peace.

[1] Farrell. “Humanitarian Intervention and Peace Operations.” In Strategy in the contemporary world: an introduction to strategic studies(2nd Edition), by John Baylis, James J Wirtz, Eliot A Cohen and Colen S Gray, 313-335. New York: Oxford University Press, 2007.(318)

[2] Same as 5(2)

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