Sample Essay

Very intelligently whites started up a new class of historiography known as Egyptology which was yet another try to separate her from Africa. Cheikh anta Diop unveiled the fake aristocracy of whites that they kept on trying hard on making the fake history, because they had nothing to show what their ancestors contributed to the world progress. Asia has a great past to show up her involvement, Africans can maintain their past’s glory by showing Egypt, Ethiopia, and Nubia.

This is the reason why west was dying to dip Egyptians into white color. Blacks today are so prejudiced thinking they did not input anything to the human advancement and world progress, not knowing their real glory. This is what colonialism is all about; Ruling the weaker party with fake and undue dominance. Today west is making the most of might is right rule, and have overtook Blacks by making them learn that they are nothing and the most incompetent ones (Acomolafe 2008).

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