Sample Essay

The theme of love for home and coming back to it is not a new one and many novelists have discussed the theme with the portrayal of fictitious characters. Olaf Olafsson’s Journey Home and Robert Henrique’s The Journey Home are the novels in which the similar theme is dicussed.

Even the title of the novels by Uchida and Olafsoon are similar along with the similar theme of returning home through a series of hurdles and difficulties in the wake of the journey. The difference, however, is in the nature of the plot. Uchida’s novel is far more serious and invites the sympathies of the readers as it describes the difficulties and ‘nightmares’ of Yuki’s family (Uchida 3).

The fear is associated with the love for home as Yuki’s family had the constant ‘worry’ about ‘being blown into the desert to turn into a heap of sunbleached bones’ (Uchida 6). The family of Yuki has to undergo abhorence, fright and violence in the U.S. owing to their very identity as an immigrant. Yuki’s father is ‘threatened by the small gang of agitators’ which ‘consumed’ the whole family wuth ‘awful fear’ (Uchida 5).

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