Sample Essay

Common language Runtime i.e. CLR uses a new feature of garbage collector which is invented in favor of improving performance. This feature is known as generation and its garbage collector also known as ephemeral garbage collector presumes that lifespan of a newer object is shorter; lifespan of an older object is longer, relationships of new objects are strong, new objects are effectively accessed recurrently, and compressing a part of heap is quick as compared to compressing the whole heap. Generations are calibrated into different levels. The performance optimizations in having a generational garbage collection is shown when the garbage collector chooses to scan only the generation 0 and not any other generation. In this scenario garbage collector leaves to scan the higher generations due to knowing the fact that heap is full and collection is being performed (Thai & Lam, 2003).

In garbage collection technique languages fight for decreasing the operating cost caused by increasing number of collections. ISSM in its conference proceedings proposed an optimized approach for compiler which focuses on path by shrinking the memory blockades in almost every type of garbage collector. Path specialization does all this non-trivially. Collectors, when assisted with such approach, are benefitted greatly while going through phases employing different barrier conducts or when they have any idle stage (ACM SIGPLAN, 2008).

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