Sample Essay

Many critics have suggested to study the works of literature using different approaches and some have discussed the approaches to analyze fiction with poetry and drama (Diyanni, 2005). The works of Joyce have been the center of interest for literary analysts because in his works setting, characterisation and dialogues between the characters help to develop the theme.

Not only this, but the narrator’s point of view also helps to make the theme vivid and profound. In the story the narrator is alone in his life as he finds himself unable to share his feelings with the people around him and the people he love. The theme of the story revolves around the feelings of loneliness and disillusion of the narrator. He is alienated with his friends with whom his mental and psychological level does not match and also with his family which is too busy in their own lives.

Like his other narratives, Joyce uses the first person narrative to convey the true feelings of a young boy who is undergoing through  emotional turmoil and cannot find a person whom he can trust to the extent to share his feelings. The narrator shares his feelings with the readers and there develops a sense of intimate relationship between the readers and the narrator that enhances the interest of the readers in the story and they tend to associate their own feelings with the narrator. The readers understand the position of the narrator and the writer’s point of view more clearly in through the first person narrative and this is realized by Joyce who puts the feelings and emotional problems of an ordinary young boy in the mouth of the narrator of the story.

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