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  • Non Communicable disease: Malaria
  • Communicable diseases: HIV/AIDS and STIs according to a World Bank report on health and poverty, it is estimated that among pregnant women aged 15-24 attending urban antenatal clinics, 8.8% tested positive for syphilis”[1].
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Maternal Health: Early childbirth

ª  In Addis Ababa, the average age for childbirth is 15 years; nationally, the adolescent fertility rate is estimated at 154 births per 1,000 women aged 15-19.[2]

ª  The Worde Health bureau does not have data for hospital births, as most mothers give birth at home with the assistance of a traditional midwife. “According to 2000 estimates, 26% of women in Ethiopia receive antenatal care from a health care provider; approximately 6% of births are attended by trained health care professionals.”[3]

ª  “Young girls are at a higher risk for obstetric complications, nutritional anaemia, obstructed labour leading to fistulae, and postpartum haemorrhage.”[4]

ª  There is no data as to how many failed traditional abortions have been carried out as Worde clinic staff exclusively document the complications. Nationwide, the MOH estimates that nearly 70% of women who seek medical attention for incomplete abortions are under 24 years of age and cite botched abortions as one of the leading causes of maternal mortality in Ethiopia, resulting in 55% of fatalities, 13% of which are adolescent girls.[5]

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