Sample Essay

The share price was 15.74 at the close of business on May 22, 2009 which means the share price has slightly moved upward during the second quarter of 2009. The bank reported heavy losses in 2008 which coupled with macroeconomic conditions caused the share price to plummet during that year. The share prices during the early years under analysis were fairly stable but starting from early 2008 we see a continuous decline in the share prices and touch record low levels and the recovery from these levels is quite hard as the investor confidence is already shaken up and the global economy is not yet out of crisis. The share prices are expected to trade between the levels of 14 and 16 during the next two quarters of this year and in early 2010 as the effects of the bailout package by the Swiss Government would take at least a year to boost the operations of the bank[1].


From the research and analysis carried out it can be concluded that the overall financial condition of the banking sector is not quite healthy at the time being for investors specially seeking to earn a stable and long term profit from UBS or the banking industry.

[1] Same as 6 P. 8

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