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Essay: Financial Management | Term Paper Queen

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The Albertson Company faced dire financial conditions during 1999-2001 and it had nearly declared bankruptcy. The company was too much focused on quality of products and customer services and the financial metrics were not given due attention, the result was a financial crisis. Even though the company was financing in positive NPV projects, it could not keep up with the intense competition and was eventually acquired by SUPERVALU and the New SUPERVALU was formed. SUPERVALU faced some financial pressure right after acquisition but the financial condition has improved considerably in recent times.


After the evaluation of all the components we find that the Albertsons Company faced a lot of challenges before the SUPERVALU arrangement. The challenges were quite intense and the financial condition worsened in 2005. It has only been four years since the acquisition but the turnaround of the company is quite effective as SUPERVALU has revamped the structure and strategy of the company. The recent financial crisis has also affected the company but the overall financial position is much better than previous years. Although the company is one of the biggest retail businesses there is still room for improvement and the company needs to get ahead of the competing companies like Wal-Mart, Kroger and Safeway if it wants to achieve long term success.

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