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Essay: Finding a Large Problem as an Idea | Term Paper Queen

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Ideas can and do change the world. Ideas are important to bring innovation and change in this world. Ideas can be used by students to achieve success in their academic life. Through the power of ideas, students can revitalize their sagging prospects and boost their grades.

Of all the ideas mentioned in class, I was very impressed by the idea of finding a large problem and working to rectify the problem.  It’s similar in my mind to finding a root cause or a deeply entrenched issue that is preventing success. To cure a problem or to enhance performance, one has to begin at the grass roots level.

To find a problem, one has to look in hindsight and do a back ward analysis as to where one was found wanting.  By identifying the problem, alienating it from other issues and after generation of ideas and solutions for the problem, the best solution is selected (International Development Experiences, Applications & Systems, 2004). So, in order to prevent future occurrences, one has to begin by looking at the past.

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